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Upcoming Events

Want to plan ahead? Here's a list of major church events planned for June 2015 to June 2016. You can sign up to receive email notices on major cultural and community events here. (Members automatically enrolled)

In addition to the following listing, you may check the "What's Happening at UUCSS?" brochure for an overview of Coffeehouse events, workshops and classes.

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August 7 LGBTQA Coffee Corner
Sept 3-5 Labor Day Weekend Camping Trip
August 21 UUCSS 101
Sept 19 Women's Book Group
  Events Around the Beltway

Non members can sign up to receive email notices of special events at UUCSS (members and friends do not need to sign up, as they already get these and other email updates).

Labor Day Weekend Camping trip

Dates: September 3-5
Location: Rocky Gap State Park, in western MD

Registation: Register by August 28th with Nicole Levesque at nlevesque@verizon.net, and include: (1) number of adults and kids (adult starts at 9th grade and above), (2) choose a package as described below, and (3) include any dietary constraints (e.g, vegetarian) or food allergies.

This is a great opportunity to get to know each other while swimming, hiking, boating, playing capture the flag, or just relaxing.   The trip is sponsored by UUCSS Families LUUV group, but all church members and friends -- singles, couples, triples, tribes, dynasties, hordes -- are all welcome (including new members and friends of the church)!

What you'll need: You'll need a tent, sleeping bags, and so forth, but all food is organized by meal coordinators.  Each person helps out with setup or cleanup on a meal or two, and helps with some other tasks (such as fetching water, building the fire, or keeping the kids from eating all the chocolate bars).

There are two packages available for the trip.  For package (1), the cost for the trip is $32 per adult and $23 per kid if you come for Saturday lunch through Monday breakfast (6 meals).  For package (2), which includes Saturday lunch through Sunday lunch (4 meals), the cost is $24 per adult and $17 per kid. Each package includes the food!  What a bargain!

The campsite alone (no meals) is also available Friday night for those who want an early start to the weekend.  But rush hour traffic out of DC adds extra travel time to the trip.


Dates: August 21, 2016
Time: 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
Location: Classroom 5 (on the lower level under the Sanctuary).  No preregistration required. 
Questions?  Send them to membershipchair@uucss.org.

Thinking about joining UUCSS?  Come to an informal session for an opportunity to ask questions about UUCSS, Unitarian Universalism, our membership joining process, how to get involved in church activities, and more. 


Date: 2nd Sunday of each month
Time: after the service
Location: Sanctuary

The UUCSS Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning & Allies (LGBTQA) Task Force holds an informal & welcoming Coffee Corner on the Second Sundays ( after the service & in the Sanctuary during the Summer Schedule.)  All members, friends, & visitors are welcome. For more information, email lgbtqchair@uucss.org


The Women's Book Group 

Date: Fourth Monday of the month
Meetings are held at a member's home. All interested readers are welcome with no long-term obligation. We meet informally, discuss the book, take a break for delicious drink and refreshment, and discuss the future titles.  Questions: Call 301-754-1239. 

September 26: The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins



None at this time

Updated 8/9/16

To publicize an event in the next Uniter, send information to uniter@uucss.org. (Uniter temporarily suspended; submit events to administrator@uuscc.org for publication in the weekly email.)