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Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Lifespan Religious Education


The UUCSS Lifespan Religious Education Program provides intergenerational and age-appropriate opportunities to explore life's questions within our safe and sacred community.

RE Programming includes separate classes and activities for Children, Youth, and Adults. We also offer intergenerational experiences, such as worship for all ages, community celebrations, and shared social action projects based on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism and gives people of all ages the opportunity to learn about our UU heritage and explore the riches of other cultural and religious traditions around the world. Themes that are important to us include: multi-cultural and multi-racial diversity, environmental sustainability, and the development of spiritual practices that will support us through both the joys and the sorrows of daily life.

Unitarian Universalist Religious Education begins from the premise that each individual has the right to search for what is true and to be supported in this search by our liberal religious community. At UUCSS we celebrate both our personal and communal explorations. We invite you to join us, and we trust that our journey together will be an enlivening and enriching experience for all!

About Teacher Training and Supervision

Our classes and activities for children and youth are taught and led by dedicated volunteers who adhere to our UUCSS Child Safety Policy and are supervised, trained, and supported by our Director of Religious Education.


We ask that you register each of your children and youth every year at the beginning of the regular church year in September. To register, please fill out a Registration Form (pdf form) and return it to the Directer of Religious Education, UUCSS, 10309 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring MD 20903.