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This Week’s Announcements

This Week’s Topics Include— This Sunday’s Worship Service THIS Sunday, May 7th The Annual Budget Drive Team Thank You! Donations for SOME are Due at Church THIS Sunday, May 7 At The Intersection of World and Jazz – Strathmore Corridor Concert, THIS Sunday, May 7th Collecting Electronics for Recycling in the UUCSS Parking Lot on…

This Week’s Announcements

This Week’s Topics Include— Peoples’s Climate March, THIS Saturday, April 29 This Sunday’s Worship Service THIS Sunday, April 30  We’re excited about the Fellowship Dinner on Sunday at 5:30!  The End of the Annual Budget Drive! River Road UU Congregation “Fiesta” on Saturday, May 6 NATURAL HISTORY WEEK ON STAR ISLAND, JUNE 2017— Collecting Electronics…

Update on our Interim Minister Search

We are continuing to work through the steps for preparing to seek an interim minister. As we mentioned before, the church constitution requires that the congregation authorize the Board to seek an interim minister. The meeting on this question is at 1:00 p.m. on this Sunday, April 23. The process envisioned under our church constitution…

This Week’s Announcements

This Week’s Topics Include— IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 23 – CONGREGATIONAL MEETING Special Earth Day Service THIS Sunday, April 23  UUCSS 101 – Interested in joining UUCSS?  Charity of the Month for April 2017 – Patuxent RiverKeeper. THIS April 23 from 7 to 9 pm in the Sanctuary, the UUCSS Racial Justice Task Force will host a…

March Volunteer of the Month – Maggie Hayes

Maggie Hayes grew up in a Methodist family in Kansas, but early in her college years she came to the realization that she was no longer a believer.  For most of her adult life, the New York Times (especially the crossword puzzle) was her preferred way to spend Sunday morning.  Yes, there was a foray into Unitarian-Universalism at Cedar Lane more than 25 years ago, but she didn’t develop much of a connection with that church.  After retiring from the State Department, and at the end of a long marriage, space opened up for a small “s” spirituality, and Maggie began to see a place for a church community in her life.  So, encouraged by long-time friends Doneby Smith and David Miley, she arrived at our doorstep.

February Volunteer of the Month – Michelle Levesque

Michelle Levesque had tried but had accepted that religion wasn’t going to help her understand her mother’s death when she was 14.  Even so on Christmas Eve, 1990 she suggested to her sister, Nicole Levesque, “Why don’t we go to that thing you go to?”  The thing Nicole went to was a Unitarian Universalist Church and there was one in Chandler, AZ reasonably close by.

January Volunteer of the Month – Matthew Rice

In his seventeen years Matthew Rice has never missed a Catoctin weekend. What inspired him then and inspires him now is that unbeatable combination of community in a beautiful natural setting. Protecting our natural world has become extremely important in Matthew’s life. He believes that our culture is unsustainable in its use of resources and from the age of twelve has been a vegetarian.

Upcoming Sabbatical for DRE Sarah Gonzalez

Dear UUCSS members and friends, Director of Religious Education Sarah Gonzalez will be away on sabbatical for one month starting January 16, 2017 and returning on February 16, 2017. Her sabbatical committee, made up of Miranda Bradley, Phil Doyle, and Corita Waters, have been working with Sarah to prepare and have created a guide with…