Kindergarten-8th Grade

We offer Kindergarten thru 8th Grade RE Programming during both the 9:30 and 11:30 services. Each month these students participate in a rotation of classes and activities that includes:

  • Religious Education (RE) Classes
  • Chalice Chapel (multi-age children’s worship)
  • Social Action (multi-age learning and projects)
  • Art Assemblies (multi-age art projects led by local artists)
  • Multigenerational Worship (worship services for all ages)

9:30 RE Offerings

During our 9:30 am worship service we offer separate RE classes for Kindergarten-1st graders, 2nd-3rd graders, 4th-5th graders, and 6th-8th graders. In 2016-17 our yearly theme is We Are Unitarian Universalists Exploring Our Jewish and Christian Roots. All our classes will be learning stories from the Jewish and Christian scriptures and discussing the wisdom they have to offer us today.

11:30 RE Offerings

During our 11:30 am worship service we offer a multigenerational RE class for all ages. This year’s curriculum is called Harry and UU. With this Harry Potter themed social justice curriculum we will form our own chapter of Dumbledore’s Army to fight against the Horcruxes of injustice in our world.