Sermons by Rev. Evan Keely

The Learning Community

The Rev. Evan Keely, Interim Minister I am among those who like to point out that interim ministers are “faster pastors.” Our encounters with congregations are brief virtually by definition; a year or two in the life of an institution is a veritable twinkling of an eye. The year-long relationship between myself and this church…


The Rev. Evan Keely, Interim Minister I. The Caesars of the world live by a creed: divide and conquer. Something multiplies the wish to walk together otherwise. Can Mary, Joseph, anyone proceed to make a trip, except they be agreed? These two who trudge to Bethlehem surmise there’s not much choice. Let’s not think that…

Happy Families Are All Alike

The holiday season is a time for many of us to be with our families, and all the joy and the heartache (often both) that that may entail. But family dynamics can also be a lesson for us in how human organizations work – and don’t.

The Rev. Evan Keely, Interim Minister