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Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

UUCSS is a welcoming community, a safe and sacred space, for nurturing spiritual growth and lifelong learning, celebrating diversity, and bending the universe toward justice and compassion.

Our Vision

UUCSS is a safe, welcoming, and loving community of seekers of truth and activists of faith. We strive to live our shared values of justice, equity, openness, and compassion with ourselves, our families, our congregation, and our larger world. We commit to:

• Deepening the spiritual life, challenging the mind, and touching the heart of all who join us

• Sharing the joys and sorrows of our interdependent lives

• Nurturing a thriving religious education program and a vital music program for all ages

• Being responsible stewards of the environment: our buildings and grounds, our community, and our world

• Embracing ever-increasing diversity

• Respecting our differences and handling conflict with trust and openness

• Creating opportunities across the life-span for worship, healing, learning, social action, fun, and laughter

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