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At least through August 2018 we will have one worship service at 10:30 am.  We intend to do a congregational survey on service schedule to determine what direction to go in the fall and going forward.

What to expect

Worship services at Silver Spring are vital, engaging, diverse, and central to our life as a community. Most visitors mention the energy they feel in the building and the people when we share Sunday morning together and that seems to be a foundational part of our experience together. Worship connects us, uplifts us, challenges us and comforts us. We are a diverse congregation, with a wide range of gifts, needs and perspectives, and our worship reflects us in this. The mood of a worship service can range from personal to political, spiritual to practical, individual to global, and reflective to humorous, grounding to inspiring – sometimes all in the same service! We draw on world religious traditions with respect and care, and celebrate a number of holidays within the church year: the Jewish High Holidays, Samhain, Christmas and Hannukah, Solstice, Martin Luther King Sunday, Easter, Passover, and more. Our Sunday experience is one of the strengths we are proud of and glad to share with visitors. Though the elements of a service may vary from week to week, they always include live music. We have a choir, house band, celtic music ensemble and a number of gifted musicians and vocalists within our church. We also invite local and national artists to celebrate with us over the course of the year. We sing hymns from two hymnals, Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey, and sometimes incorporate popular, folk, spiritual, gospel and world music into our congregational singing. For the spoken aspects of our service, we draw on both sacred and secular texts. We also share in reflective readings, prayer, and silence for personal meditation. Most, but not all, of our services feature a sermon. Generally, these are delivered by our parish minister; however, during the summer, and frequently during the rest of the year, a church member or guest preacher speaks on a special topic.


Come join us on Sunday and see for yourself.

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This House

The Rev. Evan Keely, Interim Minister It is difficult to think of any religious practice or of any people in the history of humankind that has not held some physical place to be holy, to be of enduring and sacrosanct value to the community. Mount Sinai in Judaism, the Deer Park in Buddhism, the River Ganges in Hinduism are places infused with…

The Binding of Isaac

Opening Words: Genesis 22:1-19 Meditation in Words O God of every nation, as our nation prepares for another Memorial Day, open our minds and our hearts to grateful remembrance of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We do not always understand why those sacrifices were made, yet we remember them for who they were, our neighbors and our friends, our ancestors…


Reflections on clergy leadership. The Rev. Evan Keely, Interim Minister While any responsible individual will hasten to acknowledge a fine line between archetypes and stereotypes, and to admit that any perspective can be subjective and impressionistic, I have nevertheless observed certain archetypes among Unitarian Universalist ministers. It is entirely possible that both of these archetypal concepts are simplistic, that this whole line…

Finding Resilience for Times Like These

As people of faith, we must confront hatred, bigotry, and white nationalism as part of a long-term sustanined movement – not an every-now-and-again thing. Where can we find strength for ongoing resistance? And how can we remain resilient in the face of such renewed racism and systemic injustice?