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Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Sunday Services

Please join us on Sunday mornings for uplifting and thought- provoking worship.

The upcoming sermon theme is listed below.

During the summer months, from Father's Day through Labor Day, one service is held at 10:30 am. These services are interpreted in American Sign Language. Nursery Care and Religious Education for children through grade 12 are offered during the summer worship services. An informal coffee hour follows the service.

During the regular church year (Labor Day to Father's Day), we hold two worship services, at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., for most of the year. The first service is interpreted in American Sign Language. Please join us in the Community Hall between services for an informal coffee hour, starting between 10:45-11:30.

December 14
All Are One

Reverend Elizabeth Lerner Maclay

This morning we’ll explore aspects of peace through one of the most impatient and annoyed documents in the Bible: Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians. Galatians is Rev. Liz’s favorite epistle because oh, is Paul pissed! In this short, frustrated diatribe, he lays out, ironically, a beautiful and passionate expression of community and relationship. His vision is the kind of vision that can be a powerful platform, for a kind of peace we seem further from all the time lately. What might Paul’s venting have to teach us here and now?

December 21
Celebrate the Solstice

Rev. Elizabeth Lerner Maclay, Rev. Leon Dunkley, David Miley, and Jennifer Cutting and the Ocean Quartet

Jennifer and the quartet will perform a Song of Solstice as part of the UUCSS’ music program Fall-Winter Residency. On Saturday night, Dec. 20, Jennifer and the Ocean Quarter will give a concert, which also includes the Sanctuary Singers and UUCSS’ House Band, Life the UUniverse, and Everything. Attend both for two solstice events!

December 28
Communal Worship

The Worship Team and You, the Congregation

Our lay worship leaders will guide the congregation through a reflective worship where we will look at beginnings and endings just before 2014 comes to a close and 2015 starts.  Please bring appropriate reflections, readings, music, etc. either of your own or from someone or somewhere else to contribute.  We will build this time together as a congregation.  Do not feel compelled to bring anything if you do not feel moved to do so and do not stay away just because you can’t come up with anything other than yourself to bring.

January 4, 2015

Rev. Elizabeth Lerner Maclay

Is it an arrow to the heart of god, feeling the presence of a cloud of witnesses, gaining the relief of confession, emptying ourselves, filling ourselves, centering ourselves, freeing ourselves? There are countless understandings of prayer and just as many ways to pray. Our worship this Sunday will focus on a very few ways of prayer and consider what the prayerful experience can hold for any of us, whatever our theology, history or experience thus far, of communion with the divine.

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