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Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Sunday Services

Please join us on Sunday mornings for uplifting and thought- provoking worship.

The upcoming sermon theme is listed below.

During the summer months, from Father's Day through Labor Day, one service is held at 10:30 am. These services are interpreted in American Sign Language. Nursery Care and Religious Education for children through grade 12 are offered during the summer worship services. An informal coffee hour follows the service.

During the regular church year (Labor Day to Father's Day), we hold two worship services, at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., for most of the year. The first service is interpreted in American Sign Language. Please join us in the Community Hall between services for an informal coffee hour, starting between 10:45-11:30.

August 3
An Ecology of Integration

Shannon Berry

Ms. Berry will discuss the intersection of religion and the environment. She i s completing her PhD in theology at The Catholic University of America. Her studies focus on the intersection of religion, art, and science. Her writings on religious studies have appeared in the journal Assembly and in the forthcoming Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics.

August 10
The Long Road of Unitarian Universalism

Rev Leon Dunkley

Summer camp was always interesting, especially way back in junior high.  Oh, the fun we had!!!  The pranks we pulled back then still rank among the funniest things I’ve ever known…short-sheeting all of the bunk beds in the cabins along the water, hiding the forks and knives just minutes before the spaghetti dinner was served, throwing our senior advisors into the lake at the end of camp.  It was so much fun!  It was a perverse way of falling in love with life and with each other.  The stories about what we did have more than blossomed over time.  In fact, our playful exaggerations often get the better of us but still, they deepen the faith that ferries us along.  Come learn how time has only beautified who we were back then.  Come learn how beautiful we may yet become on the long road of Unitarian Universalism.

August 17
This Is How you Say Goodbye

Victoria Loustalot

Victoria Loustalot will talk about her book, "This is How You Say Goodbye: a Daughter's Memoir." Victoria is an accomplished writer and "This Is How You Say Goodbye" is a "razor-sharp memoir in which a young woman travels to Cambodia, Sweden and France to overcome the legacy of her difficult and charismatic father…“who died of HIV-AIDS when she was 11 years old. Victoria's book has received rave reviews.

Following the service, Kathy and Richard Lorr will host an informal reception so you can chat with Victoria, buy the book (or not) and have it signed by the author. You may have met Victoria  (Ben Lorr's girlfriend) when Ben spoke at our church last year.

Sunday Support team schedule.

updated: 8/5/2014