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Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Sunday Services

Please join us on Sunday mornings for uplifting and thought- provoking worship.

The upcoming sermon theme is listed below.

During the summer months, from Father's Day through Labor Day, one service is held at 10:30 am. These services are interpreted in American Sign Language. Nursery Care and Religious Education for children through grade 12 are offered during the summer worship services. An informal coffee hour follows the service.

During the regular church year (Labor Day to Father's Day), we hold two worship services, at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., for most of the year. The second service is interpreted in American Sign Language (as of May 2015), as well as coffee hour. Please join us in the Community Hall between services for an informal coffee hour, starting between 10:45-11:30.

July 5
Oh, Beautiful...

Rev. Leon Dunkley

We were born as a country, as a nation, with the Declaration of Independence.  We fought for independence.  We died for independence.  And we killed for independence too.  An Iraq veteran named Dweylon Fifer asks, "What does it mean to kill someone?  I mean do you really have to squeeze the trigger of your rifle to kill somebody?"  In this land of the free and home of the brave, what does independence really mean for us today?

July 12
Hope When The World Is On Fire

Ashley Burczak

How do we maintain our hopefulness in the face of such dark times? Membership Coordinator and Candidate for Unitarian Universalist Ministry Ashley Burczak will speak on realistic hope in an age of destruction and conflict.

July 19
Take a Breath. Sabbath Moments

Alexa Fraser

Spaciousness, that feeling of open joy that fills you up with its – well – emptiness. Take a breath and we’ll explore the spiritual side of spaciousness.

July 26
Heal Thy Heart—Reflections on the Art of Healing

Rev Leon Dunkley

A broken leg, a broken heart, a soul that grieves and can't break free...  All of these require energy from us to truly heal, more energy than we normally give.  How do we cultivate personal practices that guide us along the road of healing?  How might we relate to one another in was that call us all to health?

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updated: 7/3/2015