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Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Sunday Services

Please join us on Sunday mornings for uplifting and thought- provoking worship.

The upcoming sermon theme is listed below.

During the summer months, from Father's Day through Labor Day, one service is held at 10:30 am. These services are interpreted in American Sign Language. Nursery Care and Religious Education for children through grade 12 are offered during the summer worship services. An informal coffee hour follows the service.

During the regular church year (Labor Day to Father's Day), we hold two worship services, at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., for most of the year. The first service is interpreted in American Sign Language. Please join us in the Community Hall between services for an informal coffee hour, starting between 10:45-11:30.

September 7
Ingathering Water Communion Worship Service

Revs Elizabeth Lerner Maclay and Leon Dunkley, RE Asst Hannah Dwertman, Music Director Michael Holmes

It's good to be home. Our annual ingathering Sunday and Water Communion is a longtime tradition. We're changing it up a bit this year with a homily from Rev. Liz and an updated water ceremony. Make sure you come ready to share water from somewhere you spent the summer - your backyard spigot, a distant ocean or nearby river - we'll have a place you can sign to tell us where your water came from and we'll share that as part of the ceremony. And we always supply virtual water from our own UUCSS if you forgot to bring yours - please still sign up to tell us what/where it represents. Plus we’ll have great music from our band and choir. We're all looking forward to gathering and starting this exciting church year together.

September 14
Infinity Goes Up On Trial

Rev Leon Dunkley

The common preoccupation for many of us is the question of getting to heaven. Since the days of John Calvin, we have been worried...reassured by our theology certainly, but worried nevertheless. What if the preoccupation was different?  What if, instead of asking "Will I get to heaven?" we asked what will I do once I get there? Come find out!

September 21

Guest preacher

September 28
Rosh Hashanah: L'Shanah Tovah (A Good New Year)

Rev. Elizabeth Lerner Maclay

This Sunday falls right after the Jewish New Year holiday of Rosh Hashanah. We'll explore the stories and traditions of this anticipatory holiday, as well as the reckonings and challenges that come with making a fresh start. L'shanah tovah is Hebrew for "A good new year" - and Jewish custom holds that we're not entirely powerless to control our fate - but as always, with power comes responsibility! Feel free to bring a sweet bread or honey and apples to share during coffee hours both traditional foods of Rosh Hashanah that aim to invoke 'a sweet new year.'

October 5

Catoctin Sunday - Many UUCSS'ers will be at our annual church retreat in the Catoctin Mountains. There will be one service with a guest preacher at 10:30 here at UUCSS


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