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Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Sunday Services

Please join us on Sunday mornings for uplifting and thought- provoking worship.

The upcoming sermon theme is listed below.

During the regular church year (Labor Day to Father's Day), we hold two worship services, at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., for most of the year. The first service is interpreted in American Sign Language (as of October 18th 2015), as well as coffee hour. Please join us in the Community Hall between services for an informal coffee hour, starting between 10:45-11:30.

During the summer months, from Father's Day through Labor Day, one service is held at 10:30 am. These services are interpreted in American Sign Language. Nursery Care and Religious Education for children through grade 12 are offered during the summer worship services. An informal coffee hour follows the service.

November 1
Draw Them Close, Draw Them Near--The Samhain Service at UUCSS

Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley

In Ireland and Scotland, the festival of Samhain is widely observed.  It is one of eight annual festivals in the wheel of the year.  Situated between the end of harvest and the early days of winter, Samhain is the festival that encourages us to let go of the difficult past and to take up fresher ways of moving forward.  On this journey, we may be led by those who came before.  We may be led by those who have died but have not left.  And we follow when they share their soulful wisdom.  We follow as they lead us beyond the mysteries of life and beyond the veils of death to new horizons, connecting all of us together in the mystery.  Come and join us!

November 8
The River Jordan and Wet Feet, or, Have You Personally Changed?

Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

What binds us at here at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring? Faith, kindred spirits, shared vision, shared experience, shared questions and answers… our bonds are not uniformly the same between us all, but we are all necessarily bound in part by our shared covenant, and by our commitment to the church and what it means in each of our lives. This Sunday we’ll explore that sense of covenant and church, looking in particular at the essential truth that being bound in community changes us which, by and large, is a good thing.

November 15
Was Jesus a Racist?

Dr. Miguel De La Torre & Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

Dynamic theologian and activist Dr. De La Torre is spending the weekend with us, and will be preaching, with Rev. Liz as his liturgist, this Sunday. One of Dr. De La Torre’s areas of focus is building multicultural, multiracial community, looking at the challenges and opportunities with unflinching honesty and compelling depth. We’ll look at the challenges of this journey through the lens of one story in the New Testament and what it can teach us all across all progressive theologies and creeds. Dr. De La Torre is one of the best preachers around - don’t miss this long-anticipated and exciting Sunday.

November 22
Revisiting Thanksgiving, Again (This Time with Sarah Vowell)

Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

Sarah Vowell is a wry, contemporary, unconventional historian and essayist. Her book The Wordy Shipmates is a wry, contemporary, unconventional exploration of the the early Pilgrims and the context and untold/less-told aspects of their evolving intent. We’ll look through her eyes at the holiday before us, especially at the various covenants that shaped that formative time in our nation’s history and what they mean for us now.

November 29
A Strategy of Peace—Covenant, John F. Kennedy and his Unitarian Speechwriter

Rev. Dr. Leon Dunkley

How do we tell the full measure of the American story of peace? In this time of overly mediated political scandals about Benghazi, in this age of 24/7 "gotcha" journalism, it is important reflect on the promise of peace as John F. Kennedy once described it.  John Kennedy and speechwriter Ted Sorensen were champions of a particular kind of peace, "the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope..." What kind of peace do we champion today?  How can our faith help to bring peace into being? What will serve as our new strategy of peace?

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updated: 10/30/2015