November Volunteer of the Month – Dorothy Hale

Dorothy Hale had become a self-described “troublemaker” in her New York Baptist church and UUism’s religious diversity was attractive. A Hindu-Catholic wedding and a visit to a Wiccan coven in a Brooklyn UU church enticed Dorothy into joining Community Church of New York where major religious festivals from around the world were celebrated weekly.

After moving into the D.C. area in 1979, Dorothy began looking for a UU church home. In 1979, UUCSS was a relatively small church with a part time minister. The Wednesday after Dorothy visited UUCSS, the Rev. Alice Wesley asked her to usher the following Sunday because she was needed. The assignments kept coming and the feeling of being needed, especially in a welcoming role, made UUCSS her family and home. She joined in the same year she began attending and was married in the church to Larry Hale in 1991.

Dorothy’s work at UUCSS is broad and deep. She has been the board Vice Chair, taken care of the toddlers, and has had an unbroken role in ushering support, welcoming and membership. A very special role that Dorothy has played has been in terms of managing UUCSS receptions from the Christmas cookie spread between services to weddings, funerals, and ministerial installations. This highlights a common thread summed up in her own belief that when she volunteers she is welcoming people into her home and into her family. And for the many people you have welcomed who are with us today, we thank you.