Upcoming Sabbatical for DRE Sarah Gonzalez

Dear UUCSS members and friends,

Director of Religious Education Sarah Gonzalez will be away on sabbatical for one month starting January 16, 2017 and returning on February 16, 2017. Her sabbatical committee, made up of Miranda Bradley, Phil Doyle, and Corita Waters, have been working with Sarah to prepare and have created a guide with important information about her sabbatical. Please see the PDF Sabbatical Guide for important information about Sarah’s upcoming sabbatical. Copies of this sabbatical guide will be available in hard copy form on Sunday mornings between now and Sunday, January 15th.

If you have any questions about the sabbatical that are not answered by the Sabbatical Guide, please contact DRE Sabbatical Chair, Miranda Bradley at miranda@bradleyryder.org or, if it is before January 15th, you can contact Sarah at dre@uucss.org.

The DRE Sabbatical Committee