January Volunteer of the Month – Matthew Rice

In his seventeen years Matthew Rice has never missed a Catoctin weekend. What inspired him then and inspires him now is that unbeatable combination of community in a beautiful natural setting. Protecting our natural world has become extremely important in Matthew’s life. He believes that our culture is unsustainable in its use of resources and from the age of twelve has been a vegetarian.

Matthew’s community is our YRUU – a group of close friends who share his values and passions. He is an aspiring filmmaker who has created videos for the church. One of the videos was in support of our capital campaign. Matthew filmed long term members and new member describing their relationship to UUCSS and why it has been important to them. Recently he filmed UUCSS’ chalk action in support of our neighbor the Episcopal Church of Our Savior. And, he is the newest member of our Green Sanctuary committee supporting both his personal commitment and our YRUU’s annual social action focus. Teens are busy people and this is the first time since 2001 that a YRUU member has become a fulltime church committee member.
Matthew says that the best filmmaking, in addition to great cinematography, should always tell a compelling story. We believe Matthew’s commitment to volunteerism and UU values tells just such a story.