March Volunteer of the Month – Maggie Hayes

Maggie Hayes grew up in a Methodist family in Kansas, but early in her college years she came to the realization that she was no longer a believer.  For most of her adult life, the New York Times (especially the crossword puzzle) was her preferred way to spend Sunday morning.  Yes, there was a foray into Unitarian-Universalism at Cedar Lane more than 25 years ago, but she didn’t develop much of a connection with that church.  After retiring from the State Department, and at the end of a long marriage, space opened up for a small “s” spirituality, and Maggie began to see a place for a church community in her life.  So, encouraged by long-time friends Doneby Smith and David Miley, she arrived at our doorstep.

What attracted Maggie to UUCSS were the warmth of the welcome from many members, the intellect and spirituality of the ministers, the wonderful music, and the women’s retreat.  After “signing the book” in June of 2015, she joined the Women’s Interfaith Social Action Group, where she has enjoyed getting to know women from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and other UUCSS women in a meaningful way.  In rapid succession she joined and made significant contributions to the Green Sanctuary team, the Membership Committee, and Sunday Support team “Arise.”  She has participated actively on both ends of the last two auction events.  Currently, Maggie is a member of our Healing Task Force, an important and delicate undertaking for the future of our church.  Maggie says that UUCSS is “a good place to be busy.”  We are grateful for her presence among us.