April Volunteer of the Month – Brian Beard

Brian Beard originally came to UUCSS in 1970 to attend RE classes after his family moved to this area from Oklahoma City (where they had to drive a long way to the only UU church). In the early 70s, UUCSS did not have a full-time minister but his parents loved the community they found here at the church. Brian’s parents, John and Barbara Beard, especially enjoyed the duplicate bridge league and played regularly with Ken Iobst, and Drew and Beth Riggsin the 70s and 80s. After John passed away in 1992, Barbara rejoined the church and was very active with the Uniter group and the gardening of the church grounds (with her own plot assigned by Daisy Grubbs). Brian occasionally helped with the gardening, and also remembers helping transport pottery and other items to the church for the annual auction. Brian had thought for a long time about joining the church choir but he played softball on Thursday’s when choir practiced. After his mother passed away four years ago, Brian felt an even stronger desire to reconnect with the church community and joined the choir (and reluctantly retired from softball…).

Brian is still a member of the choir and on many a Sunday we can enjoy his beautiful deep voice. He also wanted to continue his mother’s legacy in maintaining the church grounds, so he started working with Jean Alexander, and is now the chair of the Property Committee here at church. Brian says the best way to volunteer at the church is to find something that you enjoy and will give you a feeling of satisfaction. In addition to chairing the Property Committee, Brian is also a member of Dreambuilders and the Operations Council, and on many Friday mornings can be found, along with Rachel and John, helping Melinda with editing, folding and inserting the Order of Service. His fondest memory so far of UUCSS is the camaraderie and friendship he has found with his “choir family”.