Charity of the Month – Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center

Charity of the Month for September 2017 – Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center

Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center opened on September 8, 2001 to serve Montgomery County’s growing immigrant population. The Gilchrist Center is the main gateway to success for thousands of immigrants who come to Montgomery County with limited resources. It strengthens the County by connecting its diverse communities with educational, economic, and civic resources so all may thrive here.

Immigrants can obtain information and referrals to programs and services offered by government agencies and community organizations. They can strengthen their life skills through English and basic computer classes, and increase their knowledge to prepare for civic life and/or U.S. citizenship.  The Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center is a community where residents can contribute their talents to help others, and it is a testament to Montgomery County’s commitment to building one of the world’s most welcoming communities. Feeling helpless with so much being said in the media about building walls, and division between them, and us, I reached out to Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center to volunteer to help make a difference. I wanted to be a part of a community that welcomed those who came to the U.S. despite unimaginable hardships and insurmountable odds. I wanted to serve and remind them that they too are a part of this community, and are welcome here.

Gilchrist Center has provided an opportunity for me to put my faith into action and has demonstrated their commitment to welcoming and serving its immigrant population.
For more information about Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center, please visit their website at Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center.

The collection for this welcoming organization will be Sunday, September 17th, when 100% of the plate will be donated. Please make your checks out to “UUCSS”, but be certain to write “Gilchrist Immigration Resource Center” in the Memo line of your check so that we know what you intended it for. Thank you.