November Volunteer of the Month – Charles Alexander

Charles Alexander is the November Volunteer of the Month. Charles first came to UUCSS over a decade ago. He and his then five-year-old daughter, Sydney, did some exploring together to find a religious place for themselves, and found UUCSS. Charles has been coming to UUCSS ever since. He is attracted to UUCSS as a place where the focus is on finding your light and searching for where you can find wisdom. During his time at UUCSS Charles has served a couple of times on the Diversity Team. Of the Diversity Team’s work he is most proud of the services that have presented the different perspectives of people who are members of minorities in the United States. The volunteer activity that has given him the greatest joy, however, has been his participation in the music program and the opportunity that has given him to work with Michael Holmes. His first foray into volunteering at UUCSS was when Michael started the a cappella group. Charles became a founding member of the group. Charles has provided the beat through his beatboxing, and sung, in numerous a cappella groups and other musical groups over the years.

Charles recommends to newer people that they find something that they like to do, where their passion lies, and give to UUCSS through that, whether it be something for a service, like singing in an a cappella, or through an enjoyment of barbecue. Charles enjoys barbecue and, with his friends and fellow members Marty Atias and Tina Borror, has been offering places at a summer barbecue, with smoked meats and vegetables, at the auction for a number of years. They are offering it again this year.