April 2018 Volunteer of the Month – Jeremy Holt

Jeremy Holt is the Volunteer of the Month for April.  Jeremy came to UUCSS in 2013, looking for a church in which to raise his 1 year old daughter Nora.  UUCSS was the first church he and his wife Ashley attended in their search, and Jeremy immediately fell in love with the ministers, the music, and the people.  A few months after he started attending, he was approached by Rev. Liz Maclay, who knew of his Jewish roots and was looking for volunteers to take over the task of organizing the Seder.  It was really important to Jeremy that UUCSS incorporate elements of his Jewish upbringing that held meaning for him.  He knew that he had to do his part in making sure that the parts he cared about were present at UUCSS.  Similarly, he wanted to foster bonds among families with little kids that he saw among families of the current YRUU generation, which led him and Michael LeBlanc to organize the great intergenerational Halloween party last fall.

Jeremy Holt agreed to co-chair this year’s ABD campaign because he knew that he would be part of a great team, with his wife, Ashley Brannon Holt, and long-time member Jane Jackson.  They knew it would take a lot of time and work, but he and Ashley also know the importance that funding plays to the great work of this church.  He said that the church and its members give so much to his family, it is only fair that they do their part too.  Jeremy believes that you get of your church what you put into it.  He volunteers to organize activities because those events events are very important to him and to what he wants from UUCSS.  He recommends that people new to UUCSS attend some events to get a sense of the community, and then organize their own events that they want to see happen at our church.  He looks forward to seeing what they dream up!