October 2018 Volunteer of the Month – Steve Leete

Steve Leete is October’s Volunteer of the Month. Steve first came to UUCSS in 1991, before he married Kathryn Leete, looking for community. He came because his sister had told him a UU church would be friendly to atheists and he had heard WAMU advertising concerts sponsored by the House of Musical Traditions at UUCSS. The first time he came, he mentioned something about singing and the following Thursday he was at choir practice. He joined that year and quickly became actively involved in the church. In those early years, before becoming a father, he was the chair of the Social Action committee, a member of the Board, and UUCSS’s representative to the UU Affordable Housing Committee. He also was heavily involved in installing UUCSS’s first digital phone system, drawing wiring diagrams and learning to use punch tools.

More recently, after his children grew up, Steve became active again in the choir, and is a regular soloist and member of various acapella and small groups that provide music on non-choir Sundays. He has given several sermons, including one most recently about his undergraduate thesis advisor, Gerard O’Neil, and Professor O’Neil’s work on space colonies. Steve also recently agreed to chair the IT committee. The IT committee performs the necessary, largely unsung work supporting the wifi, website, email, computer network, and phones. Steve also enjoys participating in all-church work days. He recommends all-church work days to those looking to get more involved, because it is an easy way to meet others at the church and talk to them.