March Update from the Search Committee

The Search Committee has been busy reviewing applicants’ packets, interviewing applicants, and preparing for preview weekends. It is an exciting time, as we have moved from data gathering, summarizing in the congregational record, and then actually getting to talk with applicants.

Through the process we continue to return to what we heard in the cottage meetings to guide our discernment. Participants in the cottage meetings were focused on our new minister as a partner:
• To collaborate with us in creating a spiritual space to search across our theological spectrum.
• To work with us in nurturing a beloved community that leads us to live out our values more fully in the realm of justice within and outside our community.
• To collaborate with us in creating a shared, cohesive path forward.
• To bring strong executive leadership to our communities, including staff, congregants, and volunteers.
• To help us more fully integrate our children and youth into the congregation through intergenerational programs, religious education, and general connectedness.

We seek a partner who:
• Is both a gifted communicator and deep listener.
• Is passionate and skilled in the areas of racial justice and equity.
• Is present and active with the congregation, building ministerial relationships with members, friends, and families.
• Brings new energy and ideas to enrich and enliven us.

Please mark your calendars for the weeks of April 27–May 5 and May 4–12, as our candidating week will be one of these. We will be able to announce the candidate week in early–mid April.

Any questions? Contact:

— The Minister Search Committee (Alice-Ann, Carl, Carol, Colin, Janne, Maggie, and Susannah)