September Volunteer of the Month – Tamara Bowman

The Southern Baptist world knew that Tamara Bowman, age 12, was trouble when she added Christianity to a comparative mythology paper.  For many years, after going off to college, Tamara was happy to be free of religion.  That was until her daughter Elise, age 4, started asking questions, such as why her friends couldn’t do play dates on Sunday and who was that baby in the basket.  Initial return forays into the Southern Baptist world were still unsatisfying.  But, driving by UUCSS one day, Tamara decided to give UUs a try.  Elise liked RE and was joined by Alexis and Ron Turner, soon after. 

For the first four years at UUCSS, Tamara taught RE covering, the nursery, kindergarten and first grade, third grade, and fourth and fifth grade after which Elise and Alexis decided Mom shouldn’t be in the classroom anymore.  She was an Annual Budget Drive steward and was also a member of an InReach group.  Tamara has served two terms on the Board including, until recently, a term as president.  Throughout, UUCSS has provided the polar opposite of her upbringing, a place where anyone who follows the Principles can fit in and be accepted and where everyone is free to believe as they wish.  Asked for some last thoughts, Tamara was most concerned about maintaining the bonds within the community and asked that we all make it a point to reach out to folks we haven’t spoken to for a while.