Photo of Bob McGaughy

November Volunteer Spotlight – Bob McGaughy

Bob and Bev McGaughy knew their time with mainline Christianity was over when their young son Danny pointed to a cross on a church steeple and said, “That’s where the Jews killed Jesus.” This led to twenty years at All Souls UUC that better fit their religious understanding.   They moved again when their daughter Ay Hieng could not really find a place in All Souls youth RE.  After visiting UUCSS, they immediately knew that this was the right choice for their daughter and themselves.

Bob has been a significant contributor to our music program for many years.  As Music Chair, he hired Phyllis Stanley and later as chair of the search committee he recruited Michael Holmes.  He has helped plan our Suite Treat musical evenings from the very earliest days.  His bass-baritone has graced our choir and he is currently a member of the music committee.  These days Bob devotes himself to the building and grounds, working closely with successive master gardeners beginning with Daisy Grubbs, who also designed our quilts, and now Linda Barrett.

When asked why he volunteers, Bob provided a performance analogy.  Musicians need an audience to feel appreciated.  When you understand what the church needs and find your space you not only are appreciated but quite often you learn something new.  We’re glad Bob chose UUCSS for his performance space.