March Volunteer Spotlight – Carolyn Savadkin

Carolyn Savadkin and her husband came to UUCSS from Paint Branch UUC in the Fall of 1966.  They were looking for a church that was socially active willing to preach and work against both the Vietnam War and racism.  On the day they Signed the Book, Fred Cappuccino was in the pulpit and announced he was leaving.  Despite this inauspicious start, Carolyn has been with us through every minister except the first, David MacPherson.   

Carolyn has worked in a number of roles over the 50 plus years she’s been a member.  She’s been on the board three times, worked with her late husband on the social action committee, taught RE when her children were young, helped organize a Women’s retreat, tutored Spanish and was on the Worship Committee multiple times including almost all the time from 1995 to the present day.  Right now, she splits time between the Worship Committee and the Racial Justice Task Force.  She believes deeply in antiracism work and wants us to adopt the  8th Principle.

It’s hard to capture Carolyn with a list of achievements.  There is her sense of humor, a smile always on the edge of peeking out, and deep and profound optimism.  So, when asked if she had some words for the congregation it was simply, “We’ve had really hard times before and we’ve always managed to pull ourselves together and go forward.”  And so with her help and the help of a lot of others, we shall.