Colin Riggs

April Volunteer Spotlight – Colin Riggs

Pre-K Colin arrived with his parents Drew and Beth in the early 1980’s and like many of our children found Bobbi Pohl teaching his RE class.  Colin went through the whole RE curriculum, the predecessor to OWL, and then YRUU. From this experience, UUism came to mean seeing our place in an interconnected web of nature and human interrelationships.

Off to Guilford College he soon gravitated to the UU group on campus where he met his wife to-be Kandra Strauss.  After graduation they returned to the DC area, married and had two children, Nora and Madeleine. Having children led Colin and Kandra back to us as they wanted their children to learn and share the same values they had found.

Colin soon became involved in teaching RE.  He was asked to join our first ministerial search committee in 2018 and then joined the board as VP of Finance in 2019.  For Colin UUCSS is a home for people who want to help the world.  He feels grateful at how the congregation has kept the church alive in the inspiring through this very difficult year.