January 2022 Volunteer Spotlight – Deborah Sorensen

Deborah Sorensen grew up in Texas and was highly involved in her local Methodist Church.  It had a personable pastor with a fine sense of humor and a good youth group.  That changed when the family moved to a rural location that did not have the same sense of home.  After moving out of the family home she became more interested in Buddhism, but as a personal approach to life and relationships and not as part of a temple. 

After coming to DC with her husband, she remembers meeting someone at work with a chalice necklace and developed a positive feeling for the denomination after learning more online. As her daughter grew older she started looking for a church.  She missed the weekly connection with people and wanted Fiona, then 13 to have space for her own needs and interests.  They visited Paint Branch UUC but found that there were very few people Fiona’s age. She and Fiona (or Finn) tried UUCSS and, with Rev. Lynn in the pulpit, it immediately felt like the friendly open church of her youth (seeing her friend Bonnie Gallion in the congregation also helped!) Her husband John, who had sworn off organized religion, started attending soon after and feels just as grateful for having found this community. 

Deborah especially likes doing things with Fiona including working in the gardens. Working on the grounds is meditative and she looks forward to helping more. For a time she worked with the Rainbow Alliance, but that’s Fiona’s space now.  She’s looking for new ways to help our community, thinking especially of our soon to arrive Afghan resettlement family.

When asked about what she would say to the congregation she said that she was so grateful that we exist especially with our natural sense of humor.  “It’s like cool water after a difficult time. UUCSS was what we were looking for and we’re glad we found it.  Keep being awesome!”