May 2022 Member Spotlight – Steve Leete

Prepare for an adventure when you talk to Steve Leete.  The subject may be music, dramatics, tech management at UUCSS, orbiting power generators, religious personification of natural forces, or human colonies in space.  The last topic is a longstanding interest.   As a teenager Steve saw the turmoil of the 70s and was looking for a way that he could make a difference.  That led him to Princeton University where he sought out and then worked for a major figure in the field of Earth normal gravity colonies, Gerard K. O’Neill who he supported as a researcher for his entire college career. He’s stayed in space science since, including working on orbiting solar generators beaming down power to Earth.  

At UUCSS, Steve has been a decades-long stalwart in our music program, primarily as a tenor in our choir and as a soloist.  Outside of UUCSS he has been in dramatics and a cappella groups, at least until raising a family began to take priority.  He’s also been our IT committee lead for the last four years including our transition to online worship.  He counts bringing Jake Ryder onto the committee as one of his most brilliant moments.  Along with Jake and Matthew Rice he’s made online worship possible at UUCSS.  

Over the years Steve has filled many roles at UUCSS – board member, chair of the ministerial relations committee, IT committee chair and just all-around helpful guy.  Even though he and Kathryn have moved to Ashburn, VA they still plan to contribute as long as it’s reasonably possible.  There have been patches of difficulty over the years, but overall staying with the church has been rewarding in good times and bad.