July 2022 Member Spotlight – Zoë Randol

Zoë Randol was looking for a container for some things she did not grow up with, a container for spirituality and a container for religious community. She missed out on this, and her own unstructured efforts were not fulfilling.  She does remember having UU friends and going with her family to the local UU Christmas Eve service, so our faith was always a possibility realized when it was time to give her children, Simone and Desmond, a religious touchstone.

Zoë, Sean and the kids arrived at UUCSS in 2018 and have been with us ever since.  Zoë has found that her reasons for staying at UUCSS have shifted and multiplied over time, which bring us back to containers.  Zoë does mind/body physical therapy for a living.  Her practice is based on listening, listening to the patient, and listening to the body.  From her perspective, the body is not a collection of somewhat failing parts, but dynamic interdependent systems that form a whole – the space we inhabit.”. Through listening, the body will tell the patient and the therapist what it needs.  This same approach is integral to how she raises her children, to listen to them and know what’s required to help them live full lives.  UUCSS is a container for a special feedback loop that deepens her spirituality.  “The more I show up at UUCSS as myself the more connection there is.  The community is ready to see me as me.”  This is perhaps the core of Unitarian-Universalism, to be loved and appreciated for who we are and to love and appreciate each other’s worth in turn.