June 2022 Member Spotlight – Ron Turner

The first thing you notice about Ron Turner is his quick smile and an even quicker laugh.  He collects good wine to share with friends and at church auction dinners that he and Tamara Bowman host.  He can get really excited about the plot of a Dresden Files novel and thinks that maybe you’d like it too.  He beamed proudly as his daughter Alexis went off for a Rainbow Alliance worship service planning session, meeting up with her sister Elise.  There’s that same smile with his two not quite running MGB’s sitting in the garage, because maybe someday he’ll be out on the open road again reliving fond memories of his first car.  It soon becomes obvious that Ron has mastered finding delight in every corner of his life.

Ron has been a longstanding member of the choir, the music committee, and he is often the person behind the drinks table at our Church events.  The host with the most, Ron planned our Capital Campaign celebration in 2016 held at River Road.  In all these things he helps us build space for our own delight to grow no more so than participating in the choir.  In his own words, “We feel that the choir is our gift to the congregation.  It comes from deep inside.  I live to hear those spiritual songs and enjoy the rhythms.   We feel it.  We’re there in it.  It’s a spiritual community.  Our feeling is that we are offering ourselves as a present.  We hope the congregation feels what we are feeling.”  Ron, the choir, and the music committee (who could use a few more members) are gifts to our community and to our greater delight.