October 2023 Member Spotlight – Sean Douglas

You might have seen Sean in church in the front row with his wife, Rosanne, and their two energetic children, Persephone and Castor. You might also remember that easy, incandescent smile just from the enjoyment of conversation. Well, you’d know some thing about Sean, but there is so much more.

Sean grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and enjoyed the Presbyterian church mainly for the music but not so much for the ethos, which he described as folks looking really grim-jawed during sermons and not walking the talk the rest of the week. He majored in film, media arts, and design at college and met Rosanne when they were both on the cheerleading squad. They married had kids, and Sean was a stay-at-home dad for both of their early years, which he believes strengthened their relationships.

Sean’s interests are diverse and not readily characterized. He is a car guy to the point of making stops at the Lamborghini and Ferrari factories on their honeymoon in Italy. He cooked and was the primary chef when the kids were young and before the long hours of his current job. He has run the grill for a Catoctin lunch and looks forward to doing that this year. Sean loves music, particularly the holy trinity of “blues, jazz, and hip-hop.” And he is a fine artist, creating masterworks with acrylic and oil markers on paper shopping bags. Oh, there’s the UUCSS Book Club, and he’ll be teaching 4th through 6th grade OWL so future generations will not have to suffer the misinformation of his youth. So come by and chat the next time you see him. Your day will brighten appreciably.