UUCSS 2022-23 Annual Budget Drive

All in, Together!

To all those contributing to our congregation at UUCSS in myriad ways, thank you! As we cycle around to this year’s Annual Budget Drive (ABD), we mark a full year since the COVID pandemic hit our country. It has been 12 months filled with many things: unparalleled loss for some, perhaps an opportunity to grow in new ways for others, or a time more like lying fallow as an empty field for still others. Perhaps most universally it has been a year that was a mixture of these and other things. We’ve installed a new settled minister, Reverend Kristin! Hurray! We’ve also gone a full year without in-person worship services.

Now we are asking you to roll up your sleeves with us. Roll them up as an expression of hope that vaccines will allow us to safely meet together in person again. Roll them up to do the good work of justice our community and our world needs. Roll them up and make a pledge to financially support our church.

Thank you for your contribution to our community. Thank you for your actualized gratitude. Thank you for your investment in our future.

Contact the Annual Budget team via email at abdchairs@uucss.org or you can reach the co-chairs directly via the phone and email provided in the church directory.

Thank you!

Your Annual Budget Drive chairs,

Tamara Bowman, Teresa Meeks, Dina Raley and Pat Scheid