Manifesting Our Gratitude

As winter winds down to greet Spring, and as the seeds of new life begin to push through the surface to meet the sun, we, too at UUCSS are entering a season of renewal. We are revising our Strategic Plan, we are preparing for a new minister, and we are launching this year’s Annual Budget Drive (ABD). As this year’s ABD Co-Chairs, we write to you with our hearts full of gratitude for all that our congregation has learned over these past several years, and with hope for what we are on our way to becoming. We invite you to reflect with us on what this congregation means to you, and to ask you to invest in this shared journey with us for another year.

What does this church and this congregation mean to us, as your lead Stewards for this year’s Annual Budget Drive? It means a spiritual base for our adult selves who are striving to hold fast to a vision of democracy, social justice, equity, and diversity, and to bolster us as we seek comrades on the path of social action. It means community for our whole selves — our minds, hearts, and conscience. It means guidance in raising our children to become courageous, loving, and dedicated to serving the greater good. It means worship, and music, and education, and dialogue, and fellowship. It means home.

What do we hope this church and congregation means to all of you? We hope that UUCSS is a vital part of your lives and a valued community. As such, we ask you to consider the role that each of you play in helping our cherished community to thrive, both in terms of the talents that you share and also the financial contribution that you make. We need all of you to manifest your gratitude for what we are and are becoming. We need each of you to participate in making this year’s Annual Budget Drive a success in reaching our financial goals for building a bright and sustainable future. Knowing that not all of our members can increase their pledge without risking their food or housing security, those who can increase their pledge are asked to increase by 6% or more, opening the doors wider to all who would covenant with others to strengthen this community.

Thank you for your contribution to our community. Thank you for your actualized gratitude. Thank you for your investment in our future.

Contact the Annual Budget team via email at or you can reach the co-chairs directly via the phone and email provided in the church directory.

Thank you!

Your Annual Budget Drive chairs,

Jean Snell and Cynthia Curry-Daniel