Bridge to the Future

As the lead stewards for this year’s Annual Budget Drive, we are so excited to engage with the congregants of this wonderful community again. Thank you to everyone who participated in last year’s campaign, as hosts and guests at cottage meetings, as congregants who shared their testimonials from the pulpit and, of course, as financial contributors who renewed their pledge to the church for another year. Now we find ourselves once again in the season of stewardship, giving us all the opportunity to look back at how this congregation blesses our lives, and to look ahead to how we can each recommit ourselves to this community in 2020. We invite you to join us in building “A Bridge to the Future” by donating your time and treasure to this church for another year.

For many of us, UUCSS is a spiritual home where we can reflect on our core values and find inspiration to put them into action in our daily lives. This congregation nurtures us and our families through fellowship and connection, through the work and play we do with our fellow congregants. And perhaps most importantly, this community anchors many of us with the hope that together we can make a more inclusive, equitable, just, and loving world. We hope that you all share a sense of enrichment of being a part of this humble, vociferous, sometimes rowdy, and always questioning flock.

In order to marshal our future with a new and outstanding settled minister, continued excellence in programming, a sustained commitment to maintaining our facilities, fair compensation for our staff, and right relations with the UUA, it will take all of us to renew and elevate the level of our financial contributions to this church. Please consider increasing your donation this year so that you can help build a secure bridge to our future.

Thank you for your contribution to our community. Thank you for your actualized gratitude. Thank you for your investment in our future.

Contact the Annual Budget team via email at or you can reach the co-chairs directly via the phone and email provided in the church directory.

Thank you!

Your Annual Budget Drive chairs,

Jean Snell and Cynthia Curry-Daniel