UUCSS 2022-23 Annual Budget Drive

Message From the ABD Co-Chairs

To all those contributing to our congregation at UUCSS in a myriad of ways, thank you! As we cycle around to this year’s Annual Budget Drive (ABD), we mark two years since the COVID global pandemic struck. It has been 24 months filled with many things: unparalleled loss for some, perhaps an opportunity to grow in new ways for others, or a time more like lying fallow as an empty field for still others. Perhaps most universally this year has been a mixture of these and other things. We have dabbled with in-person service, hybrid service, and virtual service, as well as many virtual and in-person gatherings, and we are hopeful that the end is right around the corner.  But throughout, this beloved community has always been ALL IN!  But, not just ALL IN, but we are ALL IN, TOGETHER!  As we have learned, we are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm, and we have weathered that storm as a beloved inclusive community. 

We are now asking that you make a pledge to financially support our beloved community so we can continue all the hard work. We know we are All In Together virtually and now we are looking forward to being All In Together in-person.  

I would like to make my commitment now

Please join us for our ABD Closing Party with an ice cream truck on Sunday April 24, 2022 after services. Thank You! 

Your Annual Budget Drive Committee members:

Tamara Bowman,  Teresa Meeks,  Dina Raley, and Pat Scheid