Past Events

“Turning: Autumn Wisdom” – Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt

This Sunday many in the congregation will be together camping in the Catoctin Mountains. Here at UUCSS we gather for a service of music and readings welcoming the change in seasons, and autumn’s yearly reminder of the beauty of finitude and importance of letting go.

“Finding Purpose” – Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt

Changes in the world and our lives often push us to reexamine our sense of purpose. This is as true for congregations as it is for individuals. Join us for a service about the work and joys of discernment.

“The Congregation is the Curriculum” – Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt and Rev. Caitlin Cotter Coillberg

People often think of religious education as something that primarily happens in a classroom. In this first service after 9:30am Religious Education classes for all children, youth, and adults, we consider how every aspect of our community contributes to the formation of faith for all ages. We will also honor our pianist, Phyllis Stanley, for…

Labor Day: The Music that Shaped the Movement – Rev. Caitlin Cotter Coillberg

This Sunday in worship we celebrate workers, remember the gains and sacrifices of the Labor Movement, and recommit ourselves to building a world where all people have enough regardless of their productivity.

“Be Like Water” Water Ceremony Sunday – Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt and Rev. Caitlin Cotter Coillberg

Whether from your favorite beach, the stream along your favorite hiking path, or just the hose you use to water your garden, all are invited to bring some water to mingle in our annual Water Ceremony! Kids are invited to wear their swimsuits underneath their clothes so they can enjoy Splash Day after the service,…

Are Video Games Art? – Cecilia Ryder

Are video games art? Probably, yeah. They span immersive worlds, tell stories in unique ways, and have some incredible music too! This week, join Cece Ryder on a guided tour of music history from the perspective of a lifelong passion for video games, and for talking about them to anyone who’ll listen.

There Is A Crack in Everything – Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt

UU Paula Goldade has said that our faith for her means that “there is no crevice inside of me that love cannot touch.” In this service we explore the blessings in our weaknesses, and the promise of Universalism.

Impermanence and the Path to Happiness – Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt with Rainbow Alliance

This week’s service about Buddhism has been shaped in conversation with Annual Budget Drive raffle winner, Nancy Dougherty. Join us as we delve into how Buddhism invites us to find peace with the inevitability of death.