Past Events

Admiration, Blessings, Celebration! – Rev. Dr. Laura

This week is Rev. Laura’s final Sunday in worship. Join us for a sermon on the ABCs of a good goodbye, and to share in a ritual to close our time together with love and joy!

Flower Celebration Sunday – Rev. Kristin

This week in worship we celebrate the challenge and blessing of being part of the bouquet of community with a beloved ceremony shared by UUs around the world. Please bring a flower to contribute to the vase in the Sanctuary or email a picture of yourself with a favorite flower to We will also…

Appreciation Sunday – Rev. Kristin

UUCSS exists because of the generosity, good humor, time, and talent of the people who call this congregation their own. So, this week we lift up in appreciation our RE teachers, Board, committees, councils, everyone who has helped us serve out our mission. The Annual Meeting will be held both in person in the Sanctuary…

Memorial Day – Rev. Ashley Burzcak, Community Minister

UUCSS Community Minister, Rev. Ashley Burzcak, contemplates ways to build peace as we remember the losses of war.

Taking Up Space – Rev. Kristin with Rainbow Alliance

So much of what’s harmful in our society is rooted in assumptions about how much of which spaces are appropriate for people to occupy. In this service we push back against confining notions of what’s appropriate and explore how liberation invites us to show up in new and different spaces.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations – Rev. Kristen

Inspired by Star Trek, this week in worship we go beyond the tyranny of conventional beauty standards and into the ways uniqueness gives shape to the deeply beautiful.

Arise, All Who Have Hearts – Rev. Kristin

Join us this Sunday as we remember the origins of Mother’s Day and pray for the most beautiful gift of all: peace for all parents and children, everywhere.

The Beauty of Beltane – Lora Powell-Haney

It’s May, the merry month of May! Our Unitarian Universalist living tradition invites us to explore: “Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.” Guest preacher Lora Powell-Haney will lead a service that includes a ritual celebrating this second…

Earth Day Sunday – Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt

This morning we give thanks for the abundant gifts the earth provides us, we lament the deadly impact of human activity on the web of life, and we envision a more generous, sustainable future for all. This service marks the end of our Annual Budget Drive, features music by the amazing Jennifer Cutting, and is…

The Annual UUCSS Passover Seder

The Annual UUCSS Seder is back in person this year on Friday, April 22nd! After two years of virtual Seders, this year it will be in person again. To keep everyone safe we are renting an outdoor tent, so that we can celebrate outside (which will make Elijah’s job a lot easier). People of all…