A church-wide support and social group for parents and soon to be parents

Families LUUV is a UUCSS parenting community focused on how we can use our UU community and principles to deliberately shape our parenting styles.

  • We have a list serve which facilitates sharing, planning, and community.
  • We periodically hold potluck dinners and have time for board games and hanging out together. While the kids enjoy play time, the grownups discuss their child rearing successes and challenges.
  • We have 2 camping trips a year – spring and fall. Come join us one and all.

fluuvbeachkidsFamilies LUUV attendees range from those waiting for an adoption placement through newborns and up. We are open to new activities, including social action projects.

To join Families LUUV, or learn more about it, email LUUV@uucss.org.