Our Mission Statement

Because we know that all lives and destinies are interdependent, the Racial Justice Task Force (RJTF) creates greater equality and racial justice in the world and in our congregation. We measure our progress in decades. As we make decisions within our committee and within the church, we embrace conflict as an important part of our process.  We seek multiple positions and are transparent about our guiding principles and logic.  We create spaces for the congregation to speak; we put ourselves out there to listen both collectively and through individual conversations.  We hold ourselves accountable to the congregation.

  • We collaborate with others at our church and other social justice groups outside our church to curate a range of social justice activities, from local to national, and with opportunities at different ages and levels of commitment;
  • We build our capacities by working at the intersections that link our convictions with other justice concerns. For example, we work for environmental justice and  to end brutality against transgender people of color.
  • We engage the congregation through speakers, movies and small study circles; we support the Workshop Committee as they lead services that engage the congregation with issues and stories relevant to Hispanic, Native American, African American, and Asian peoples.
  • We work with the Program Council, Board, ministry and other lay leadership to ensure that decisions and processes include the voices of people of color.
  • We coordinate and cooperate with all who work for justice within our congregation, denomination, across our country, and around the world to build and manifest our spiritual and practical capacity to work toward common justice for all.