“The Speed of Justice” – Rev. Rob Keithan

This week we join with the River Road, Cedar Lane, Fairfax, Arlington, Rockville and congregations in tuning into virtual worship at All Souls in Washington, DC. It will be good to be together across time and space with so many other UUs in our region. Here’s what Rev. Keithan will be preaching about: There’s so…

UUCSS Hymn Sing – Elise Turner

Join UUCSS member, Elise Turner, for a service about this congregation’s favorite hymns and how music shapes us as a community.

The Temptation to Be Good – Rev. Kristin

An acquaintance of the great 20th century Unitarian minister, A. Powell Davies once said “At every level, people are almost good; they are tempted to be good, but they resist the temptation.” In light of the many tough things happening around our world, this week in worship we will consider this temptation to be good.

Impermanence and the Path to Happiness – Rev. Kristin with Rainbow Alliance

This week’s service about Buddhism has been shaped in conversation with Annual Budget Drive raffle winner, Nancy Dougherty. Join us as we delve into how Buddhism invites us to find peace with the inevitability of death.