The Shepherd’s Prayer: An Advent Worship Service

During the holiday season, we consider stories of surprise appearances and unexpected reversals. These legends of awe and wonder lead us to consider courage, love, and sincerity.

Winter Solstice: Divine Spark and Sacred Dark

The astronomical facts of the winter solstice are connected with many of the winter holidays that originated in the northern hemisphere. Celebrating both the nurturing, dreaming dark and the turn of the year toward the growing light is a spiritual pursuit in earth-honoring traditions. We welcome special musical guest Jennifer Cutting and the Ocean Trio…

Christmas Eve Family Service

Come on a journey to remember hospitality, awe, and wonder as themes for the Christmas season. Enjoy the Christmas pageant, Children’s Choir, Sanctuary Singers, and celebration of babies born in the community over the past year. Between the two Christmas Eve services, stick around for a potluck cookie reception.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Christmas is a time for old traditions and new rituals, old stories and new friends, music and poetry from across the centuries that touch on the concerns of the world today. Carols and sacred text related to the Nativity story help us frame a larger understanding about the rebirth of hope.

stained glass window of chalisse

Shamanism: Healing the Community

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual path that leads to healing for the whole community. Member Sandy Dwiggins will lead this service, drawing on her experience with shamanism. Music will be provided by Nancy Dougherty and friends.

Fire Celebration

As we let go of the things we are leaving behind in 2018 and set our hopes for 2019, we celebrate our capacity for transformation. This multigenerational service will include an opportunity to seal our commitments; we’ll recess outdoors at the end of the service for a brief ritual fire.