Light Is Returning: Solstice (Multi-generational) Marsha Thrall & Rev. Lyn Cox

The wheel of the year turns, bringing earlier sunrises and later sunsets. Though we have winter temperatures in front of us, the return of the light reminds us of the possibilities for change and the potential for the year ahead. This earth-based, multi-generational service will feature the Children’s Choir.

Christmas Eve Family Service (Marsha Thrall & Rev. Lyn Cox)

In a spiritual community, we recognize that the simple joys of community and respect for the value of all creation bring meaning to the holidays. This year’s pageant is based on A Charlie Brown Christmas, complete with a beloved tiny tree.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (Rev. Lyn Cox)

The story of the birth of Jesus reminds us that hope is possible in times where corrupt leaders, wealth inequality, and migration to escape violence are urgent realities. We reach back into tradition for solace and inspiration as we prepare for the arrival of new lives, each one holy.

Jazz Hanukkah (Lay Led)

Hanukkah will be in full swing at this music-filled, lay-led service celebrating the Jewish festival of lights.

Fire Celebration (Multi-generational) (Rev. Lyn Cox)

We release the old year and illuminate our intentions for the new year in this multi-generational ritual of transformation. Bring courage and commitment, bring what you’ve gained from learning experiences, be prepared to leave behind old habits.