Upcoming Sunday Services

Be Here Now: Spirituality and Distraction

Mindfulness, being fully present in the moment, sounds simple.  Simple is different than easy. There are a few approaches that may help us get closer to mindfulness.  We’ll explore together where we are, when we are, and how we are.

This worship service will follow our new, community-building format, with people of all ages worshiping together for the first 15 minutes before school-age children and their teachers leave for Religious Education classes.  Nursery care for children up to age 3 is available throughout the service.

Sunday Worship – September 30, 2018

This service will spotlight Deaf Access and reflect on its meaning here at UUCSS.  We’ll consider together how being inclusive of the Deaf community fits with our UU values and what it has meant to us specifically at UUCSS.  We will look both to our history of Deaf Access and into the future, articulating why this is an important piece of who we are as a community.

Sunday Worship – October 07, 2018


Our monthly multigenerational service; school-age children & youth will stay for the whole service.  October’s theme is Heritage.