Upcoming Sunday Services

Hybrid Worship

Due to improved COVID case numbers in the Washington, DC area, UUCSS has returned to hybrid services (offering both online and in-person in the Sanctuary). Directions can be found at https://uucss.org/contact/campus-locations/.

Please follow our UUCSS guidelines, https://uucss.org/uucss-covid-guidelines/. For now, no advance sign-up is needed.

Further details can be found at https://uucss.org/worship/

There Is A Crack in Everything – Rev. Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt

UU Paula Goldade has said that our faith for her means that “there is no crevice inside of me that love cannot touch.” In this service we explore the blessings in our weaknesses, and the promise of Universalism.

Are Video Games Art? – Cecilia Ryder

Are video games art? Probably, yeah. They span immersive worlds, tell stories in unique ways, and have some incredible music too! This week, join Cece Ryder on a guided tour of music history from the perspective of a lifelong passion for video games, and for talking about them to anyone who’ll listen.