Green Sanctuary Committee

Please contact for details, as meeting schedule and location are subject to change.

“Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part”— that’s our UU Seventh Principle.   It was added to our other 6 principles in 1985, reflecting a growing understanding that our place in nature has a spiritual and moral dimension.  UU Ministry for Earth, started in 1989 as Seventh Principle Project, started certifying congregations as “Green Sanctuaries” in 2003.

UUCSS is a Green Sanctuary, so be sure your event abides by our commitment to being good stewards of Earth. Review and follow these guidelines when planning your event: Tips for Greening Your Event at UUCSS.

Becoming a Green Sanctuary required a vote of the congregation and completion of 12 projects across four areas: worship, religious education, sustainable living and earth justice. After 3 years of work, UUCSS was proud to certify as a Green Sanctuary in 2013.  Of course, that was just the beginning; we have continued our commitment through many projects ranging from recycling to showing informational and inspirational films to marching in rallies in DC and New York to promoting residential wind power certificates to lobbying our federal and state legislators and much more.

We see climate change as one of the, if not THE, biggest challenge facing humanity today.  We know that people living on the margins, economically or in other ways, are being hurt already and will suffer the most, so we affirm that slowing climate change is an issue of justice.

If addressing climate change and promoting sustainable ways of living are issues important to you or if you want to learn more, come join us.  We meet at the church on first Tuesdays at 7:00 PM from September to June.  Contact Lori Hill and Doneby Smith at for more information or with your ideas.