Information Session: Proposed Changes to UUCSS Board Structure

As announced, the Board is proposing the Congregation make some modifications to how certain positions on the Board are filled.  Specifically, the Board is proposing that

  1.  Before the end of the church year, the Board elect the President for the next church year, from among the continuing members of the Board;
  2.  The position of Vice President for Programs (who serves as Program Council Chair) be eliminated and an additional At-Large Member position be added; and
  3.  After the annual meeting, the Board elect 1 member of the Board to serve as Chair of the Program Council and 1 member of the Board to serve as Chair of the Operations Council, from among the incoming and continuing members of the Board.

The Board has planned several opportunities for the congregation to obtain more information and provide input:

  • There will be a Question and Answer session Sunday, March 25, following the service in the Triangle Room.
  • The Board will provide text of the proposed changes to the Church Constitution to implement the proposals the week of April 2.
  • There will be two Question and Answer sessions on Sunday, April 8.  One at 9:45 in the Triangle Room and a second after the service in the Sanctuary.
  • There is a Congregational meeting to vote on the proposal on Sunday, April 15, following the service in the Sanctuary.
  • If you are unable to attend one of the Question and Answer sessions, we invite you reach out to a Board member in person or by email to