Prayers for Travelers – Rev. Lyn Cox

In these times, travel isn’t what it once was, yet new experiences, milestones, and transitions continue to be facts of life. We are transported by web conference or YouTube or fiction to other times and places. We may be traveling to different identities or states of being: graduating, retiring, grieving, welcoming children into the world, re-naming ourselves, or making other journeys of discovery. There are some people who must move in body, perhaps to start a new job, to care for a loved one, to downsize due to economic necessity, or back and forth to essential work. Our prayers go with all of these travelers crossing thresholds into different places and/or new phases of life. During this service, we’ll celebrate a Bridging Ceremony for those who are graduating from YRUU and becoming part of the adult community.

Here is the link to the livestream:

Anyone with an internet connection should be able to view the livestream. You may need to log in to Google to participate in the chat. A recording will be available to view later, but not the livestream chat.

American Sign Language interpretation will be available during the service at this link:

After the service, please join us for Virtual Coffee Hour, which will be via a link sent to members by email. Subject “Today’s Sunday Worship Service Reminder“.