UUCSS Congregational Vote Meeting: Proposed Changes to Board Structure

There is a Congregational meeting to vote on the following proposal following the service in the Sanctuary.

  • Please contact Christa Maher (boardsecretary@uucss.org) by Sunday, April 8, 2018,  to request ASL interpretation.
  • Child Care: please contact childcare@uucss.org by Sunday, April 8, 2018,  to request child care during the meeting.  Please include the names, ages, and any allergies/special needs of your children.

As announced, the Board is proposing the Congregation make some modifications to how certain positions on the Board are filled.  Specifically, the Board is proposing that

  1. Before the end of the church year, the Board will elect from among the continuing members of the Board a member to serve as President for the next church year;
  2. After the Annual Meeting, the continuing and incoming members of the Board elect from among those members a Chair of the Operations Council and a Chair of the Program Council.  This would eliminate the position of Vice President for Programs and have similar structures for the two Councils; and
  3. The motion includes a transitional rule, just for this year.  It would give the Board the authority to elect a continuing member of the Board to serve as President before the Congregational Meeting or to have the incoming and continuing members of the Board elect the President from among those members after the Annual Meeting.

Please view the Motion for the 4-15-18 Meeting and the Redline of Changes to Article IV.

An Absentee Ballot is available for those of you who are unable to attend the meeting in person. The ballot contains information on how to submit.