Grades 2 through 4 – “Signs of Our Faith”

Our 2nd-4th graders will be using the curriculum “Signs Of Our Faith” from Tapestry of Faith.  ​Rev. Peter Morales asks us to think about religion as the practice of being faithful to what you love. In order to do this, you must decide what you love and do your best to live that love faithfully every day. Signs of Our Faith guides children to do their best to live faithful lives every day. It presents fourteen traits or values that most Unitarian Universalist love, including the quest for knowledge, reverence for life, supporting one another on our faith journeys, and public witness. Children examine how their lives do and can exhibit these traits and values, and come to understand that their faith is a living faith whose histories and teachings are fortifications for living faithfully in a complex world.  You can check out the curriculum here: Signs of Our Faith, Grades 2-3: Being UU Every Day | Signs of Our Faith | Tapestry of Faith |

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