Sermons by Catherine Boyle

Open The Door (3.3.2019)

As we creep closer and closer to Spring, I’m happy for the extra hours of daylight, the random deceptively warm days where you can open your windows and the emergence of green, but I will tell you what I miss about the winter. That’s right. The baked goods. I think there is a cookie gene…

Times of Challenge and Controversy (1.20.2019)

I got a question for you people: of all the recent Marvel movies, who is your favorite superhero? Ironman? Black Panther? Groot? Does Groot count? Is he a tree or a superhero? I have a confession to make, my friends. I have not seen all the Marvel universe movies, I’ve seen three or four of…

Shinto: The Way of the Gods

How does ritual connect us to the sacred?  Our new Director of Religious Education Catherine Boyle discussed her time spent at Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Japan and the power and meaning of ritual within Shinto.