Sermons by Charles Alexander

Honoring Self, Others, and Faith (5-26-2019)

Today I will be speaking about the concept of honoring. Before I venture into the meat of the topic, I would like to start with a little anecdote. I am a martial artist. While I no longer practice actively, I have been shaped by my art. Lessons about balance, perseverance, and indomitable spirit resonate with me to this day. I had a…

The Church in the Mirror

UUCSS is at a crossroads. We have an opportunity to reflect upon where we have been and where we would like to go as a congregation. Recently our faith was forced to face the reality that despite our liberal leanings, issues of racial inequity impact our faith. The strife we have seen in our national governing organization concerning equity, have played out to a lesser degree within our own wall. This sermon lead by UUCSS member Charles Alexander offers one person of color’s perspective on the issue of White Supremacy and provide ideas about how UUCSS can build a more racially diverse and equitable congregation, and more fully live up to our vision of ourselves as “a progressive, warm, and energetic faith community, committed to upholding the inherent worth and dignity of every person.”