Coming of (Old) Age (7-7-2019)

As a leader of the Coming of Age program for many years, I (Catherine Buckler) asked teenagers to write a “credo statement” about their beliefs. It’s a daunting task which, hypocritically, I’ve never made myself do. Until now! As I approached this challenge, the universe (or was it the COA curriculum?) sent me questions to guide my writing: What makes me a UU? What is my personal theology and how do I practice it? Do I believe in God? How does my church support me in my search for truth and meaning? Should I accept Jesus into my heart? (wait… what??) If you’re as curious about the answers to at least some of these questions as I am, come join me on Sunday to ponder together what it means to live a life grounded in a religion that doesn’t tell you what to believe but expects you to live out your beliefs.