How Music Transforms Us!

UUCSS Music Director Michael Holmes and the Natural Rhythms Trio (Elise Witt, Becky Reardon, & Terry Garthwaite) will lead services to introduce the month of “Transformation.” The concept of transformation is ever appropriate for the advent of Spring and the “season of all things renewed.” Nature, weather, relationships, state of mind, and even the sun’s provision of Vitamin D can shape our sense of hope and well-being. What is music’s role in transforming us, not only once per year, but in all 365 of the days of the year? How does it change our state of mind? Is it some kind of magical catalyst? Michael Holmes will share some of the secrets of how and why this phenomenon happens through his homily, and the Natural Rhythms Trio will be joined by the Sanctuary Singers for a beautiful morning of music and deep spiritual reflection.