UUCSS Capital Campaign Pledge

Singing Bowl Artwork By Jamie Jorgensen

Invitation to Pledge

Our theme for the campaign is “Opening Our Doors.” We have trust in our congregation’s commitment to meeting the goals of renovating the Community Hall, making our campus safer and more physically accessible, and accelerating paying off the new mortgage. As we “Open Our Doors,” UUCSS will offer a wider welcome now and for generations to come. If each of us gives everything we can – within our means, we will succeed. Please take a moment to make your pledge on the online form below.

Capital Campaign Steering Committee 

Maggie Hayes & Stephanie McConachie, Co-chairs

Members: Catherine Buckler, David Rodriguez, Pat Scheid, Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt, Beverly Schnetzler, Doneby Smith, Sharon Snyder, Emily Tien, Tamara Bowman

Opening Our Doors Capital Campaign Brochure

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Please make checks or transfer securities to: Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring. 

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