UUCSS Policies – Board of Trustees

BOARD OF TRUSTEES                        

Adopted May 26, 2021

A.  Structure

1.  Board members are elected for three-year terms, which coincide with the beginning and end of the church year, July 1 to June 30.

2.  The President, elected in accordance with Section 4.3 of the Bylaws, presides over Board meetings and congregational meetings.  The President has authority to represent the church in the outside community. 

3.  The Vice President for Planning presides over meetings if the President is unavailable to do so, and is responsible for preparing agendas for Board meetings, organizing leadership retreats, and supervising strategic planning.

4.  The Vice President for Finance is chair of the Finance Committee, whose responsibilities are specified in Policy 9. 

5.  The responsibilities and authorities of the Vice President for Personnel are specified in Policy 16.

6.  The Secretary keeps and publicizes minutes of Board and congregational meetings and performs other responsibilities related to congregational meetings, record-keeping, and correspondence, as specified in Sections 3 and 5 of the Bylaws.

7.  Each year the Board will elect one of the at-large members as chair of the Program Council, and one as chair of the Operations Council.

8.  The other two at-large members assist the Vice President for Planning with retreats and strategic plans.  They take on additional responsibilities as needed.

9.  The Minister is a non-voting ex officio member of the Board.

B.  Authorities and Responsibilities

1.  As stated in Section 4.1 of the Bylaws, the Board is responsible for discerning the Congregation’s vision, providing comprehensive long-term planning, promoting the financial health of the Church, and establishing policies and procedures to govern personnel, programs, and operations of the Church.

2.  Each year the Board will appoint teams in charge of the Annual Budget Drive and the Auction.  The Board may create and eliminate other committees and task forces reporting to the Board, and appoint their chairs.  Each group will have a written statement of its mandate and make regular reports to the Board. 

3.  The Board chooses which members of the church to certify as delegates to the UUA General Assembly and other denominational meetings.

4.  When new members join the Board, other members will provide appropriate orientation, including access to Board documents and briefings on their particular responsibilities. 

5.  The Board will organize a leadership retreat at least once a year for Board members, the Minister and appropriate staff, lay leaders, and others invited by the Board.

6.  Board members are encouraged to minimize their participation in other church leadership roles during their service on the Board.

C.  Board Meetings

1.  The Board will meet at least once a month.  Meetings may be held in person or virtually. 

2.  A majority of voting Board members constitutes a quorum. 

3.  The Board will hold a vote on any decisions that have substantial financial or legal implications, including those specified in Policy 16.

4.  Any motion must be seconded before a vote is taken.  Decisions are made by a majority of the voting members of the Board. 

5.  The Secretary will make available minutes of Board meetings to any member or friend of the church within a week after the Board approves those minutes. 

6.  When an issue arises that requires an immediate response from the Board, it may be addressed at an in-person or virtual meeting called for that purpose, or via e-mail or text.  Any proposal to authorize action responding to the issue requires a vote, taken at a meeting or via e-mail.  The minutes of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting will note the issue and any decision taken. 

7.  All UUCSS members and friends are welcome to attend Board meetings, except for executive sessions.  Any member or friend may request an opportunity to address the Board.  Unless invited to do so before the meeting, however, they are not allowed to address the Board during the meeting. 

8.  The Board may hold executive sessions to address personnel actions and evaluations, pending or threatened legal action, ongoing contractual negotiations, security issues, or sensitive personal information warranting heightened privacy protections.

D.  Removal of a Board Member

1.  If a Board member is absent for three consecutive meetings without good justification, or resigns from the church, the position is deemed vacant.

2.  If the Board believes one of its members has engaged in actions that threaten the well-being or safety of the congregation, the Board may suspend that member for 15 days, during which time the member may present arguments to the Board against their removal.  The Board may then decide to reinstate or to remove the member from the Board.