UUCSS Policy – Building Rentals

[updated April 2016]


Administration of Rentals

The Finance Committee with the assistance of the Office Administrator shall administer all rentals.

  1. The Office Administrator shall maintain a calendar of Church events. Each entry shall include the name of the event, the time, rooms/floors/buildings to be used and the person responsible.
  2. A standard schedule of Church events shall be maintained. Items on this schedule shall be entered on the Church calendar before entering any other event or rentals.
  3. A standard rental contract shall be used which includes the requirement that a disclaimer of support by the Church appear in all publicity. This requirement may be waived by the Minister, President, or Finance Vice President for events actively supported by the Church.
  4. A rental fee schedule shall be updated annually. It shall specify fees for all areas to be rented and deposits for ensuring cleaning repair of Church property, and return of keys or provision for a building attendant.
  5. Long-term rental contracts (i.e., contracts over a period of 12 months involving use of facilities at least 30 times) must be approved by the Board and shall be for no more than one year. Any renewal of an annual contract shall be presented to the Board for approval.

Rental Fees and Responsibilities:

  1. Any group (including departments and committees of the Church) reserving time for rental, meeting, or other use of space must designate a responsible person.
  2. There shall be a security deposit but no rental fee to members, their immediate families, and contributing friends for use of the buildings and grounds for weddings or other private religious activities. There shall be neither a security deposit nor a rental fee for memorial or funeral services.
  3. There shall be no rental fee for use of the buildings by any UUCSS organizations, the GWA, JPD or UUA. In the event of an emergency at an area church which temporarily precludes the use of their facilities, available UUCSS facilities may be used without fee with the approval of the Minister, Board President, Rental Committee Chair, or Finance Vice President.
  4. Fees must be paid at the time the reservation is made. The fee is 90% refundable at 30 days notice and 50% refundable at 15 days. After this time the fee is not refundable.
  5. A rental agreement must be signed at the time the reservation is made.
  6. Standard rental fees shall be paid by UUCSS members using the buildings for private purposes other than weddings or funerals or celebrations open to all Church members.
  7. The Church is not responsible for arranging the facilities in the condition needed for the renters’ use. The renter is responsible for returning the facilities to the original arrangement.
  8. Renters must abide by the UUCSS smoking policy.
  9. Renters and their guests shall refrain from serving or consuming alcoholic beverages on the premises in accordance with the UUCSS alcoholic beverage policy, except for weddings or other special events approved by the Board. (The waiving of the customary prescribed fee or rental shall not defeat this prohibition.)