UUCSS Policy – Building Use

[updated April 2016]

The Property Committee shall address short-term space needs. The Planning Committee shall recommend means for meeting long-term needs.

Priorities & Guidelines for Building Use

Building usage shall be determined by the following priorities and guidelines:

Building Use Priorities:

  1. Sunday morning program, including the adult service and RE classes.
  2. Church meetings, activities, and member services.
  3. Events of interest to the community, such as concerts and art shows, which generate nominal or no rental income.
  4. Income-generating rentals to help support 1 and 2, above.
  5. Community service groups without charge, as above uses permit.

Building Use Guidelines

  1. In reference to priority 5, such groups would be selected on the basis of their appropriateness and space availability by the Social Action Committee in collaboration with the Office Administrator who manages the church calendar. Community groups so accommodated would be advised that UUCSS would appreciate any donations to help defray Church-operating expenses. Such use would most likely be weekday evenings and on a regular basis (e.g., weekly, monthly). The Social Action Committee would review groups to be so served on an annual basis. Space shall be assigned to community groups. The sanctuary would ordinarily not be available for such assignment. Other short-term or one-time meetings by community groups will be considered on a merit basis by the Rental Operating Committee.
  2. The Minister and Rental Operating Committee Chair, or Finance Vice President, may alter any renter fee and deposit schedule as needs dictate.
  3. The Finance Vice President shall name a Rental Operating Committee to solicit new business, oversee policy, and establish a rental rate schedule. It shall consult with the Social Action Committee as necessary.
  4. The rental policy assumes a reasonable effort on the part of UUCSS and user groups to schedule events as far in advance as possible. Last minute UUCSS needs will not necessarily be honored before prior rental or community group commitments.

Conduct in Buildings

  1. Overnights. No one will be allowed to spend the night in the Church or on Church property without prior approval of the Board or, in a real emergency, of the Minister or President of the Board. Such approval requires the attendance of one Church member chaperon over the age of 21 for every 25 people. The YRUU
    and other Religious Education classes, however, may secure advance approval from the DRE.
  2. Smoking Policy
    1. There will be no smoking in the Church complex except in a single designated area approved by the Board.
    2. On Sunday mornings there will be no smoking in any of the Church buildings two hours before and during Church services.
    3. Renters will be encouraged to abide by the smoking policies of UUCSS.
    4. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Board on a one-time basis so long as there is previous notice of the change in the publicity for the event and in the UNITER.
  3. Alcoholic Beverage Policy
    1. Definition: As used herein, the term “alcoholic beverages” is construed to include beers and light wines as well as fortified wines and distilled spirits.
    2. Congregational Meetings: During the business meetings called for all members of the Church and during social events in connection therewith, members and guests should refrain from serving or consuming alcoholic beverages.
    3. Social Affairs and Committee Meetings: The use of alcoholic beverages during social affairs held for members and guests, and during meetings of Church committees or organizations, is discretionary with the individual members. Sponsors or chairs of such occasions are responsible for assuring that the deportment of members and guests is not such as to bring obloquy upon the Church.
    4. Non-Church Organizations: Non-Church organizations (those whose use of the Church properties customarily involving the levying of a fee or rental) and their guests shall refrain from serving or consuming alcoholic beverages on the premises, except for weddings or other special events approved by the Board. The waiving of the customary prescribed fee or rental in any case shall not defeat this prohibition.
    5. Weddings: The serving of alcoholic beverages in connection with wedding festivities or other ceremonial occasions is acceptable.
    6. Church Funds: Monies of the Church or any organ thereof shall not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages, except those funds collected for specific social functions.
    7. Storage: Alcoholic beverages stored in Church buildings must be kept in a locked cabinet or closet.
    8. Use by minors prohibited. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or use of illegal drugs by minors are prohibited.  If minors are found using alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, they will be removed from an activity and parents will be notified. Adults will not use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during youth RE activities.


Distribution of Building Keys

  1. The Church Office Administrator will hold a copy of all keys needed for distribution, duplicate keys as necessary for distribution under these policies, and keep a roster of people who have been given keys.
  2. All Board members, standing committee chairs, and staff members may have the keys necessary to enter the meeting and main office areas of all building, or other areas, as needed for their activities.
  3. Rental groups shall only be given the keys needed for their scheduled activities.
  4. Keys may be issued to others when sponsored by a Board member.
  5. Keys should be returned when the activity or term of office is complete for use by other members and officers.
  6. The roster of keys should be reviewed semi-annually (January and June) by the Property Committee and Office Administrator.
  7. All persons having keys to the new sanctuary building must be trained in the use and operation of the computer-controlled security system, such that they can disable the system upon unlocking the building and re-enable the system upon departure and locking of the building.