UUCSS Policy – Guidance for All UUCSS Groups


Adopted May 26, 2021

A.  Groups that have ongoing programmatic, operational, financial, or other responsibilities in service to UUCSS are considered committees.  Groups that are formed to deal with a particular matter or project, and that will disband when the matter is resolved or the project completed, are considered task forces.  All groups officially affiliated with the church (see Policy 4.C.4.a) are expected to abide by the guidance in this section. 

B.  UUCSS groups should familiarize themselves with, and follow, the UUCSS Community Covenant, https://uucss.org/welcome/uucss-church-community-covenant/

C.  As UUCSS groups conduct business, make decisions, and recruit new group members and leaders, they should keep in mind the goal of building a Beloved Community within the church and beyond.  Structures, practices, and attitudes that contribute to equity and inclusiveness in their activities are ways to achieve that goal.  Looking for common ground and seeking productive resolution of conflicts create an atmosphere of trust and respect.  To that end, meetings of UUCSS groups generally should be noted on the church calendar and open for any church member or friend to attend.  Apart from monthly committee meetings, it is acceptable for groups to hold certain events by invitation only, to create a safe space for culturally marginalized persons to gather.  

D.  Limiting the length of time group leaders may serve avoids volunteer burn-out and gives others the opportunity to serve the church.  Documenting procedures and sharing them through established channels facilitate the transition to new leadership of UUCSS groups.