UUCSS Policy – Religious Education

[updated April 2016]

Adult Supervision

In the event that the Church participates with another organization in an activity involving children under 18, a responsible adult from the Church must agree, in writing, to assume responsibility for our children. This would involve recruitment of sufficient adult leadership for the number of children involved.


Equipment like the TV, VCR, and movie projector is for religious education classes, established Church groups, such as YRUU, special Church events like the Fellowship Dinner, and the worship services. RE activities have first priority on the use of such equipment, but other groups may use it with the approval of the DRE. Such equipment may not be taken from the Church buildings without authorization of the DRE or Church Office Administrator.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists and Junior YRUU

These groups operate under the auspices of chartered RE committees and the DRE, and are subject to UUCSS policies.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or use of illegal drugs by minors are prohibited. If minors are found using alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, they will be removed from an activity and parents will be notified. Adults will not use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during youth RE activities.

YRUU has first priority to use the Fellowship House. Any other Church group may use the Fellowship House when it is not scheduled for YRUU use.

Parental Permission

Written parental permission is necessary for any RE activity further than three blocks away from the Church. Parents will be notified whenever an RE activity involves seeing an R-rated movie. Adults transporting children on field trips shall insist that all are in seat belts or secure parental permission allowing children not to be seat-belted.