Worship Service at 10:30 AM; Hybrid services have prelude and/or opening music starting at about 10:25 am.

Due to improved COVID case numbers in the Washington, DC area, UUCSS has returned to hybrid services (offering both online and in-person in the Sanctuary). Details about upcoming services can be found at https://uucss.org/event-category/upcoming-sunday-services/

If you wish to attend in person, the sanctuary is at 10309 New Hampshire Avenue, at the corner with Oaklawn Drive. We have a parking lot off Oaklawn Drive. Directions can be found at https://uucss.org/contact/campus-locations/. Please follow our UUCSS guidelines, https://uucss.org/uucss-covid-guidelines/. For now, no advance sign-up is needed. 

To participate remotely, please enter our Zoom room by clicking on Zoom Link for Worship, ASL and Coffee Hour, on Sundays between 10:00 am and 10:30 am during the Slide Show and Prelude, or later while the service is occurring. You can also just click the direct link in the Sunday morning all-church email reminder. 

American Sign Language Interpretation will be available live during the service, either in the sanctuary or remotely. In either case, the ASL Interpreter will be visible two ways – merged into the main video feed from the sanctuary (if present locally in the sanctuary), and as a Zoom participant with their own Zoom window.

For guidance on deaf participation via Zoom, please visit https://www.uucss.org/deaf-access, or view the guidance provided on slides during the Prelude.

For information about our Religious Education program, visit https://uucss.org/uucss-religious-education-classes/

Coffee Hour begins at about 11:30 am on the same Zoom session as the worship service, and can be accessed at this Link: Coffee Hour. The ASL interpreter will generally be available during Coffee Hour, in an ASL breakout room or whichever room deaf participants choose to join.

Past Services can be found at the UUCSS YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/c/UUCSS.


Beloved Community – Rev. Lyn Cox

 Beloved Community, according to the King Center, was understood by Dr. King to be an achievable goal. It may well be achievable someday. Meanwhile, I think living into it, getting closer to it, is a task that asks for constant renewal. Like any kind of relationship, Beloved Community thrives on attention, tenderness, and awareness. Like…

The Smallest of Seeds: Easter (online)

Parables and stories about Jesus can help us to find meaning as we live through times of great change and uncertainty. The stories may or may not have happened in a certain way, but we can find truth in the possibilities of surprise, inclusion, and the active creation of hope. Homily 1: The Smallest of…

ON LINE WORSHIP: All Of Us Need All Of Us – Rev. Lyn Cox and the UUCSS Racial Justice Task Force

During stressful times, we may be tempted to retreat into notions of “us” and “them,” yet liberation and spiritual growth ask us to think about the inter-relatedness of all people. In the words of the Rev. Theresa Ines Soto, “all of us need all of us to make it.” This on-line worship draws from the…

ON LINE WORSHIP: Many Branches, One Tree

Two transcripts – the Message (by the interim director of religious education) and Homily (by the interim minister) Message: Tiny the God / Becky Brooks / Marsha Thrall (Video & audio recording by Marsha) Hi, friends. Remember a few Sundays back when we talked about myths during service, just before we worked on the Art…