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A Third Place – Rev. Christian Schmidt

This pandemic showed us many things: that we are all vulnerable, that we depend on each other for safety, and that we can change and adapt. And being restricted in where we could go, where was safe to go, reminded us of something important, that we need places, physical and virtual, to gather together, to…

What Will We Bring to the Table? – Rev. Kristin G. Schmidt

Once upon a time there was a visiting minister preaching a real barn burner about how the church was being called to go to great lengths, do great things. Near the end of his sermon he said “this church has really got to walk” and someone in the back yelled out, “Let her walk preacher!” 

This really got the minister going. “Yes” he said, “this church has got to get up and run.” And someone else in the back shouted “Let her run, preacher!”

Under Construction – Rev. Kristin G. Schmidt

During the pandemic lockdown, one of the ways I cared for my spirit was by listening to podcasts. Of all of the new-to-me-sources of insight, comfort, and wisdom I discovered, the most powerful was “The Confessional” by Nadia Bolz Weber. A Lutheran pastor whose ministry has always been about serving those whom the Church traditionally excluded, Weber called her podcast “a no BS space for people to talk about the moments in our lives we are least proud of.”

Practice for the Spirit – Rev. Kristin G. Schmidt

Seminary for me was an amazing time. It was a time of deep thinking about deep things, a time of marinating myself in new ideas and theologies, rituals and practices. I started walking labyrinths, doing contemplative prayer, and meditating regularly among other things. And I took those spiritual practices from that amazingly rich few years and sank even more deeply into them as I moved through my internship, my wedding, my move to New England, and the start of my first ministry.

Then, I had a baby.

Seeds for the New Year – Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt (UUA President)

Our reading today is a winter Blessing by the Reverend Dr Rebecca Parker.

In the shadowed quiet of Winter’s light Earth speaks softly of her longing because the wild places are in tears. Come she cries to us kneel down here on the frosty grass and feel the prayer buried in the ground. Bend your ear to my heart and listen hard. Love this world she whispers distill peace from the snow and water the cities with mercy. We’ve wonder from the forest and clothe grief with beauty. Rest in the rhythm of the turning year, trace the bending arc rounding the curve to justice and vow a new to do no harm. The winter trees stand watch haloed in the last gleams of the slanting sun glory sings here. Heaven echoes the call repeat the sounding joy. Make your life an answer. Bow. Praise. Rise.

The Unplanned Magic of Christmas Eve – Rev. Caitlin Cotter Coillberg

Reading by rev. m jade kaiser of enfleshed, prayer by  Rev. Jude Geiger – Oh Holy Night- translated into English by the American Unitarian minister and music critic John Sullivan Dwight in 1855, is one of my favorite Christmas songs, thank you so much, sanctuary singers, for that beautiful rendition of it.  

That song will always make me think of a play I did a few times as a child in the community theater of my hometown called “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”.  

Liberating Light – Rev. Kristin G. Schmidt

A friend of mine, years ago, used to go regularly and see experimental dance in Chicago. Her absolute favorite was when two dancers came on stage facing away from each other. A third dancer came out in the middle and gave them both the same instructions. Then the dancers would do what they believed they’d been told to do. But their performances always unfolded differently. Even though they’d been given the same instructions, they interpreted them in unique ways. It’s amazing how two people can experience the same thing in completely different ways.